CLOUD ALLEY manufactures and markets a range of jams, sauces, pulps and pastes under the brand name of "SOMRAS".

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Fruit Jams

1. Mixed fruit jam

  • 2. Guava jam
  • 3. Pineapple jam
  • 4. Strawberry jam
  • 5. Mango jam
  • 6. Marmalade

  • Sauces and Pastes

1. Tomato sauce/paste

​2. Tomato chili sauce

3. Red chili sauce/tabasco sauce

4. Green chili sauce

5. Mustard sauce

6. Barbeque/steak sauce

7. Ginger paste

8. Garlic paste

9. Ginger & Garlic paste

Product Range

Tomato Paste/Sauce

We have sourcing capability to supply required quantities in aseptic drums. Minimum order quantity shall be one container load.

Pineapple Jam

Strawberry Jam

Mango Ja,


Seasonal fruits and product is available during particular times of the year

Guava Jam

Popular in East Africa, this jam is made from two types of guavas (white and pink) and is a standard product for export.

Mixed Fruit Jam

Made from Papaya, pineapple, guava and grapes this is a standard product.


Processed Foods - SOMRAS brand

Cloud Alley Food Products


Cloud Alley manufactures a range of jams, sauces, pulps and pastes under the brand name of "SOMRAS".

Raw material selection is done taking extreme care that the final product will be as goods as the input material. Process is established under the careful oversight by our experiences R&D staff. Manufacturing is done using trained labor in our factory at Sakleshpur. Process parameters are maintained and quality control tests are rigorous to ensure excellent final quality. Ingredients selection and composition is in strict compliance to regulations and our facility is FSSAI approved. Packaging and shipment is done as per customer specifications. Our standard pack-sizes are 5 kg PET jars for wholesale requirements and HORECA requirements; and 200 g size PET jars for retail ready-for-shelves. 

We regularly export to African and Middle Eastern countries. Our proximity to Mangalore Port and Bangalore Inland Container Depot makes logistics relatively easy. 

Ginger Paste

Garlic Paste

Ginger & Garlic Paste

Prepared from excellent quality fresh ginger grown in abundance in Hassan region.