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Clear Japanese Onion Soup Powder

The onion grown in "Hokkaido" has a largest share in the prefecture list.

But it is known widely that the onion grown in " Awajishima" in "Hyogo" prefecture is the best for soups.

Product Range

Japanese Zone-based Beverages

Cloud Alley Food Products Pvt. Ltd is an authorized sales representative for Japanese zone based beverages distributed by Lux Atena International Japan for India and parts of the Middle East. 

The following beverages are produced from fruits grown in Wakayama prefecture in Japan. Wakayama is called “Paradise of Fruit Cultivation“ by reason that there are various fruits such as Plum, Citrus, Peach, Persimmon, Kiwi, Grape and Pear etc.  Wakayama is in all respects an ideal place for fruit production, and the most of those
quantities are the highest and/or highly placed on prefecture lists. The tasting and quality come with consumer’s guarantee since those fruits and beverages have developed through tried and tested production in the long history. Likewise Nagano prefecture and Aomori prefecture are famous for fruits.

The filling factory has been in business for over 60 years and with FSSC22000 Food Safety Management System.

Apple Juice

The purity is nearly 100%.  Contains Vitamin C antioxidant.
Nagano and  Aomori are apple growing places.


Black coffee with no milk or sugar. Contains special formulation of cocci bacteria equivalent to 5000 g of yogurt. Helps absorption /digestion and offers a health boost by conditioning the bowels


Cafe Cherry

Black coffee in can/bottle with fermented cocci bacteria 50 million equivalent to 500 g of yogurt

Canned fruits beverages
1. Apple juice

  • 2. Orange juice
  • 3. Plum juice
  • 4. Peach juice
  • 5. Orange and peach juice

Juice Concentrates

1. Apple juice concentrate

2. Orange juice concentrate

3. Carrot and fruit juice concentrate

Fermented plant extract beverage

1. Consists of 38 different fruits/vegetables; intended as a diet drink for young women.

Children's juices 

1. High energy and growth promoting drinks

Onion soup powder

Peach and Orange Juice 

Made from Peach and ”Citrus unchiu”.
It’s balanced with mild sweetness-and

Peach Juice

Made from high-quality Peach named "Hakuhou” grown in north part of  Wakayama pref. and
it’s highly valued in Japan market.

Cloud Alley Food Products



Orange Juice Concentrate

Made from 100% “Kiyomi” that is a hybrid
(Citrus unshiu × Citrus sinensis) born in
1963. It’s also famous as parental variety
It’s sweet-tasting with sweet fragnance.

Plum Juice

Made from “Nankou-Ume” that is a Japanese Plum of prime grade. It brings out of mouth -filling
sweet-and-sour tast

Fruit Juices imported from Japan

Kids Mixed Fruit Drink

Made from Peach, “Kiyomi ”,
“Citrus Unshiu” and Plum.
No Artificial color, Preservation agent
and Sweetener.