CLOUD ALLEY grows its own robusta coffee in the Manjerabad Fort region of Sakleshpur. 

We source and supply both arabica as well as robusta coffee in green, roasted or ground condition in blends as per customer's requirement.

We also supply tea grown in Sakleshpur region.

Please send enquiries to:;     Tel: +91 98861 11895



1. Green

2. Roasted

3. Ground

Different blends.

  • Tea

1. Dried leaves

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Cloud Alley is located in the coffee growing region of Sakleshpur in Karnataka. Between the three regions of Sakleshpur, Coorg and Chikamagalur Karnataka produces almost 80% of coffee grown in India. The slopes of the Western ghats and monsoon rainfall makes it an ideal coffee growing country. A few estates in the region also cultivate teas.


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